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Welcome Fireworks Enthusists!  This page was created as a valuable tool for first timers as well as to give you a deeper insight into the world of pyrotechnics.  Below you will find a wealth of organized information that used to only be available to my pyro crew

fireworks training pyrotechnics trainingOnce you obtain a pyrotechnics license, you can use this training site to train your new fireworks crew. Read my blog article on the difference this fireworks training section has made at my shows, particularly the drastically reduced amount of time it takes to give quality training to a new member of the crew.

Feel free to not only use this site to learn new aspects of pyrotechnics, but to use as a reference in the future.  If you have any ideas for additional items on this site, contact me and I will gladly consider adding it! 

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Want to become a pyrotechnician?  Then join our professional fireworks display crew, where you will get formal fireworks training from an pyrotechnic expert!

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